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Radiation Emission

⦁ Radiation emission: One of the most common discussed demerits of Mobile devices is Radiation emission. Radiation harms the human body in various aspects especially carcinogenic tumor which later turns to cancer and even sometimes mutation. Starting from Chinese Phones to iPhones, every phone emits radiation. One of the main reasons behind increased radiation emission…
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Xiaomi A1 gets Android Oreo (8.0) OTA updates

Xiaomi A1 is the new addition to the Android One project of Google. The device was designed by the Chinese phone manufacturing giant, Xiaomi partnered with Google. As Google is a part of the project, the phone gets stock Android AOSP with no custom skins or UI, unlike most Mi phones. It’s a relatively cheap…
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How does Google collect live traffic data?

Recently Google has started sharing live traffic data in Dhaka. In a country like Bangladesh, believe it or not, it’s not an easy job. Bangladesh doesn’t have a traffic infrastructure which can collect traffic data, let alone process it to predict traffic patterns. But Google takes a whole new approach to solve this problem. They…
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