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Hey there, stranger. Looks like you stumbled upon my infinitesimal website. Let’s explore the wonderful mysteries of the world of Science & Technology together.


WordPress CMS has made website development so much easier. It requires just some basic knowledge of PHP, MySQL, JS, and HTML-CSS. I had a few experiences with WP web dev and so far I am learning more things every day.

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I absolutely love tinkering with gadgets. So, by the course of time, I have created connections in the tech community with help to get access to the latest technology. I have a YouTube channel where I post videos about them. This helps me develop my presentation, public speaking, and video editing/VFX skills.

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I think a lot about to make the world a better place, so I tend to have ideas how to fix it’s problems. I am learning coding to help me solve a few of them, which require developing softwares/app or making already existing apps more simpler. I’m learning C, C++, C#, Python and Java at the moment. If you have a problem you want to discuss, I’d love to help.

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These are a few websites I developed for my clients

These are simple blog site formats with very less/no additional function required to develop them. They are custom made at the client’s request.


A few things I’m great at

I absolutely love learning new things every now and then and try to implement them in my work. I have a curiosity of trying to understand how everything works and how I can modify them to better suit my needs.


I have had a few different projects with C, C++, and Java. Currently, developing my C++ skills and trying to learn Python and Julia for some future projects.


I started my YouTube channel back in 2015, right after my SSC was over. I had this plan in mind to start sharing my limited knowledge of science & technology and learn new things in the process.


I have built several computers for myself, my cousins or my fans. I really enjoy putting things together and see it work! It’s like playing with LEG, but a very complicated lego where things might go together but doesn’t necessarily yield an efficient or good result.


I have started website developing back in 2016 when I first bought a domain of my own. Later that year, I hosted my very first website from a friend’s VPS. From there, I started to tinker with my website and hosted a few different ones. But not until the last half of 2017, I started earning from website development. I’m constantly trying to learn more.

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With the Internet spreading linke wildfire and reaching every part of our daily life, more and more traffic is directed to websites in search for information.