Xiaomi A1 gets Android Oreo (8.0) OTA updates

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Xiaomi A1 gets Android Oreo (8.0) OTA updates

Xiaomi A1 is the new addition to the Android One project of Google. The device was designed by the Chinese phone manufacturing giant, Xiaomi partnered with Google. As Google is a part of the project, the phone gets stock Android AOSP with no custom skins or UI, unlike most Mi phones. It’s a relatively cheap phone with wonderful specs. From personal experience, the phone performs much better than other phones in this price range. Not to mention, the impressive uni-body metal design and dual camera setup, the phone looks super sexy. The reversible USB Type-C is a welcomed inclusion.

The device was shipped with Android Nougat (7.1.1) installed. But in early December, Xiaomi was seeking individuals for beta testing Android Oreo update for A1 and it’s finally here in the public release channel. Now, A1 users are prompted by System Updates to update their phones to the latest Android update Oreo (8.0) with some security patches.

The new update enables some sort of Quick Charge technology which can charge the phone from 0% to 100% in 92 minutes instead of 2 hours from prior. It also adds notification dots, picture-in-picture, improved battery/performance, Google’s Autofill API, and many more features which come bundled with Android Oreo. We’ll have to see more of them later when I test the phone thoroughly.

Here are some sample screenshots down below:


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