Is it worth buying an Apple Product in Bangladesh?

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Is it worth buying an Apple Product in Bangladesh?

Hey Bangladeshi Apple Fanboys/Fangirls, I have a question for you. What can you do with your Apple products other than bragging? I know, the list is really small.
The most appealing factors of Apple is their customer care service, secondly their design and aesthetics, thirdly their software optimization and lastly their platform or easy usability. But dear Bangladeshi Apple Fanboys/Fangirls, why do you buy Apple products then? Apple doesn’t have any official customer care center in Bangladesh, so you ain’t gonna get the state of the art Apple service here, so why pay for it? And this year Xiaomi is getting the best Phone design award. Plus, Android 7.0 for phones and Windows 10 is pretty optimized (I accept the fact that No one is anywhere near Apple’s optimization capacity). And if you love the platform, then yes, this might be a good point for buying an Apple Product.
I was an Apple fanboy back in 2009. It was like a love at first sight. Their MacBook, iMac, iPhone, Apple Airports were the prettiest and the most powerful piece of technology at that time. It was the king of the technology world back then. I always wanted to have one.
But the Apple, I used to love is not the best anymore. I used to look up to Apple. They were the most innovative company back then. They were the first company to bring Tablet PCs to consumers, they were first to show us that computers can be beautiful too.
But now Apple is just a business company. They discontinued production some cool products like Mac Pro, iMac, Apple Airport, Mac Mini and took a lot of shitty decisions in favor of Business, such as removing the universal 3.5mm headphone jack and using their proprietary Lightning Port. So that, Apple can get their proprietorship tax from every accessory made for the Lightning Port. Recently, Apple confirmed in an official news conference that they are working on desktops. But that doesn’t excite me anymore because seeing what they did with the MacBook Pro I don’t have any hope left.
Apple, I get it, you push innovation. I totally support your decision about the only USB Type-C ports in your MacBook Pro lineup. But nobody asked for thinner MacBook Pros, they all expected a powerful and mobile workstation. The MacBook Pro is nowhere near powerful for the Professionals.
And who the hell asked for that stupid Touch Bar? And you’re naming a 13-inch low powered laptop as a MacBook Pro? This is totally insanity. And they cost 1499$ before tax and shipping for the least powerful model without the touch bar. LOL
Hey, Apple here is a quick suggestion, bring back the Headphone jack in the iPhones and make your “Pro” lineup more powerful. And bring back the Mac Pro, I totally loved it. Then maybe I’ll consider buying one


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  1. Mohammad Hasib says:

    I totally agree with you. Steave Jobs is no more, that’s why Apple is out of valuable Creativity’s. Apple is now a faded brand name.

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