Month: August 2016

Let's talk tech

New Feature in Android 7.0 Nougat

The new android version has just been released, and everyone is very excited. Before telling anything about Android 7.0(Nougat) I must say this is only about the new features which were not in marshmallow. Since you are reading this, you should have used marshmallow before. Android Nougat or N for short is officially out which…
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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, the new hype which is tormenting the whole tech world. You might be wondering how machines, who only knows logic about 1s and 0s can think like a human. It’s really real complex the way it works. Here is a wonderful post by our friends from Ktech about Artificial Intelliegence. Artificial Intelligence is expected…
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What you need to know about Cherry MX Mechanical Keyboards

Cherry Corporation is the oldest keyboard manufacturing company in the world. It was first founded in 1953 and started producing keyboard 1967. Then they moved to Germany in 1967 and a company named ZF Friedrichshafen AG bought it in 2008. But they still produce keyboard under the Cherry brand. The most famous key switch series…
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Super Computing

Ask someone what a supercomputer is, they would say a huge computer with a lot of processing power. It is partially correct. It actually is a huge computing infrastructure, combining a lots and lots of servers, through network and used to crunch numbers. These workloads are first divided and distributed to all the computers, then…
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Virtualization can be defined as the process of creating a virtual version of computer hardware (CPU, GPU, RAM), Operating System, Applications, Storage devices, and other computer network resources. The actual concept of virtualization is to diminish the age old model of “one server, one application”. Virtualization can be used to utilize many unused hardware resources…
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